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Women’s Rehabilitation Riverside, California | New Directions for Women

A woman’s decision to seek treatment for substance abuse is one of the most difficult and courageous. This is especially true if she is pregnant with children. People are counting on her, let’s face it. New Directions, a Riverside women’s rehab, makes it easier to make that decision because you can bring your children along. You can now seek treatment knowing that your children are safe and well taken care of.

Consider a rehab facility near Riverside.

Riverside, California is home to more than 317,000 people as of 2021. Riverside, California’s county seat, was established in 1870s. It is also part of the greater Los Angeles region. It is home to 28 neighborhoods that offer something for everyone. It is also home to the California citrus industry.

It is located in the 951 zip code and its residents have a median household Income of $76.755. It’s located just an hour from New Directions and it’s easy for Riverside residents to consider it the best rehabilitation center in California.

Riverside, California

Detox near Riverside

Many guests consider detox the first step. This is when the body goes through withdrawal after the toxins have been eliminated. It can be difficult, so Riverside drug treatment center provides 24/7 medical coverage to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Riverside

Most people move on to residential treatment after detox. This is a three-phase plan at New Directions. The primary phase lasts approximately 30 days. This is the most restrictive and structured phase that includes the recommended treatments and therapies by staff counselors.

The transitional phase of inpatient rehab near Riverside continues. This phase takes approximately 45 days and has fewer restrictions. Treatments and intense therapy are still part of daily life. The extended care phase is the last phase. This phase is the least restrictive and clients can reunite with family members outside of the home. They are encouraged to be involved in the recovery process.

Partial-Day Treatment Near Riverside

After you have completed your inpatient treatment, or if you don’t believe your addiction is serious enough to warrant it – you may be eligible for New Direction’s partial or partial hospitalization program. This program is great for locals as it requires that you visit the facility three to five days per week for several hours. You will still be able to access all the therapies and treatments you need to continue your journey to recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Near Riverside

After partial-day and inpatient care, there is an intensive outpatient program. This program is great for residents who don’t require as much structure. You will need to visit this outpatient rehab near Riverside 3-5 times per week. Each day you will spend several hours there to continue your therapies and treatments as your medical team decides.

Sober Living near Riverside

Many women feel they need structure when leaving the safety of the center. A sober living arrangement might be the solution for them. This allows women to live in a group environment with their peers, without the need for as much supervision as the Riverside women’s rehabilitation. Residents will be able to work around the sober living home and have access to therapy and counseling as needed. They are also encouraged to go to school and work.

Aftercare Treatment Near Riverside

Staying clean means that there is more work to do after you get clean. New Directions recognizes this and offers aftercare to patients who have completed the program. Aftercare women are encouraged to visit Riverside’s drug treatment center once a week to talk with a counselor about any concerns. If you don’t live near Riverside, there are many alumnae clubs across the country that allow you to meet sponsors and still feel connected.


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