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The ADD Life Hacks that Work for LifeNator Readers

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What if we could make the world more accommodating for our ADHD brains? This is not a huge undertaking. We can instead simplify our lives through learning and adopting simple life hacks for adults with attention deficiency.

Simple, everyday methods to boost productivity are called life hacks. Life hacks for ADHD may include:

  • Create a launchpad near the door.
  • An activity like Buying furniture with built-in storage.
  • Using earplugs, etc

Below, readers share their favorite tricks. Please comment below with your favorite tricks.

Adults with ADHD: Life Hacks

“On my Amazon Dot, I listen to Pandore often while getting ready in the morning.” When I use the bathroom, I often listen to the songs. Three songs? Alexa will tell me the time so I can double-check. Also, I ask about the weather, so I don’t scroll on my phone. Pennsylvania (#CommissionsEarned).

“I use Tiles to keep track of my phone and keys. “I’m good until the batteries die.” — Leslie, Alabama (#CommissionsEarned)

The best adaptation to my ADHD environment that I made was Standing Desk Converter for my home office so I could stand and work. This helps me focus, and I have become more Obedient. I can stay more engaged because I can move around. — A lifenator reader

“An app will remind me to drink water daily, walk around, have a rest, and eat etc. Alexa will remind me to take my medication every morning so I don’t miss it. My phone also has a reminder. The pills are placed on the bathroom sink. — An lifenator reader

I use Post-Its of all sizes and colors throughout my home. If it’s needed, the note will be available. ADHD brains learn by repetition. Colorful pens or markers strategically placed to be easily accessible when an idea comes to mind will help keep the task at the forefront. — Evan Indiana

“Let’s stop folding towels. The folded towel will do just as well, and the disposable towels are better for bathrooms. Towel folding used to be a common practice. It’s one less thing to worry about!

“I accept that I take a lot.” Instead of always feeling that I should declutter, I added more bookcases and decorated them over time. My desk and workspace are always in use. I’m here. The final result of my work is something I look forward to.


“I have everything I have to work on an upcoming morning prepared and organized. Everything is getting ready in the stations. I don’t take any decisions. My phone has several alarms that tell me when to move on to the next station. — An lifenator reader

Every room in my house has a specific purpose. I don’t cross over. I read in my study and work in my office. I watch TV in my living room. In my bedroom, I also sleep. I can keep all my things in the same place without moving them. This helps me to focus on my task while in each area. Steph

“Although visual clocks can be useful, louder clocks work even better. It follows me around my apartment. My visual timers don’t work when I am distracted. — Sabeen

I keep things in places where I use them: I store coffee and tea above my coffeemaker and kettle, and I keep a hairbrush on my sofa in the living room. I have a mop for upstairs and one for downstairs. The little stations help me get things done whenever I need to. Amanda

“I use the outside door mats inside of the door. This reduces dirt and dust, so I don’t need to clean my floors as frequently. When I remember to do so, it’s easier to shake the mats than vacuum and mop. — Shauna, Australia

I take breaks every 30 minutes. “Any meeting, class, or seminar. — Melanie

It is easier to arrange things if everything has a home.” My focus is on the discipline of returning things to their proper place, rather than trying to decide where they should go. The habit of keeping an area tidy becomes automatic. My medication and vitamins are also organized. I put them on a tray. Then, I created a system to take out the tray, refill the pill boxes and then return it. It is really helpful.” Ann, Maryland

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    The ADD Life Hacks that Work for LifeNator Readers