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Q: “My Overwhelmed College Freshman Needs Assistance Managing Her Notes”

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“Help! “Help! She has to keep track of her notes, each professor’s slides and syllabus, as well as all the slides and slides she receives from them. She must also manage audio files for music classes. What would you recommend she do? What would you suggest she do?

Dear HelpMyDaughter

Most of my time is spent mentoring college students. They are often overwhelmed and disorganized. I am always trying to find ways to make school more manageable, including organization, note-taking and study.

I dislike most apps. Many of my students find them distracting, time-consuming and cumbersome. If I choose to recommend a program, it must be intuitive and thoroughly tested. Evernote is an excellent app. Evernote is a great app for taking notes and organizing schoolwork. It’s the only app that my students have loved in all my coaching years.

Evernote helps ADHD brains

Use five features to get the most out of your cloud-based app.

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1. How to organize your class materials

Evernote allows you to easily organize your notes, slides, and other course material. Evernote lets students create an electronic “notebook” where they can store any scanned documents or notes. It’s similar to electronic binders, but without the weight. The notebooks for each semester are stacked together to make it easier to refer back. It’s easy to find everything, and it makes it easy to use.

2. How to integrate experiences?

Students should learn new information using different methods. Students should choose tools that are simple to use. You can find it here. It’s possible to say it. Hear it and do it. Evernote notebooks allow students to add audio clips, music and website links. Students have access to a variety of tools for studying.

3. Customizing study strategies

Students want to have control over their college life, including their study habits and homework. Evernote allows students to take notes in a variety of formats, including text, audio and photos. Evernote lets students change colors, add titles, customize colors, and even add emojis.

4. How to find the right resource.

Searching in Evernote includes attachments, notebooks, and tags. Evernote allows students to search using tags and keywords. They can be very specific and find the information they need.

5. How to collaborate?

Students are required to share work-in-progress and materials for group projects. Evernote lets students share PDFs without losing the hard copies.

Evernote’s ability for students to sync their notes between all devices on campus is one of the key features that help them with homework. No matter whether a student is working on a history essay in the library and then switching to her desktop in her dormitory, it doesn’t make a difference. “remembering”,  out of the equation is taken by him

Students can take notes while walking to classes, and that’s also a great win!

Bonus Feature: Prime Your Brain to Learn

Last but not least, my favorite Evernote feature is the ability of professors to save their slides as notes. This is a game changer. Warming up is essential for running or playing soccer. Students must warm up their brains to absorb information. You should familiarize yourself with the slides before attending a class. The students won’t rush to learn.

Download the slides before class and have students review them. Students can annotate the slides, add notes, and even images.

Evernote lets you set your own reminders. Who wouldn’t want such help? I would love it if my app did the laundry for me and allowed me to contact them periodically.

Best of luck!


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    Q: “My Overwhelmed College Freshman Needs Assistance Managing Her Notes”