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Women’s Rehab Near Newport Beach, CA: Substance Recovery | New Directions for Women

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New Directions for Women, a drug rehab center located near Newport Beach in California. Since more than 40 years, the center has helped women and their families recover from addiction. The clinic’s motto is “love, kindness and compassion in everything,” and the staff certainly lives up to it as they guide women through treatment.

New Directions clinic is a safe and comfortable environment for women looking for drug rehab in Newport Beach.

Why Choose a Rehabilitation Facility in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach is a popular area in the Golden State. It is located in sunny Orange County and has miles of beautiful beaches. Newport Beach, located in the largest state in the United States, feels like a small town.It is a grandiose place to find tranquility and peace in an environment there. It is located in a great location less than 50a miles away from Los Angeles. This makes it easy to get to whether you are in or out of the state.

Just over 85,000 residents live in the city located under area code 949. The median household income in the city is $214.047.

Newport Beach Detox

Sometimes a person must undergo detoxification in order to begin their healing process. New Directions is a women’s rehabilitation near Newport Beach that offers detoxification in a safe environment. It is now easier to find the best rehab in California.

Newport Beach Residential Treatment

New Directions provides residential treatment near Newport Beach to women who need inpatient rehab. The guests can receive the care they need in a safe environment and leave with the tools they need to stay sober the rest of their life.

New Directions offers a three-phase healing process for women who have decided it is time to begin their journey. The first phase consists of structural elements, and lasts about 30 days. The first phase begins immediately after the detoxification process is complete. The transitional phase is next, in which the patient has a little more freedom and completes advanced therapies over a 45-day period. The women will then be reunited with family and asked to participate in the recovery. This extended care phase gives women a lot of freedom, but also includes therapy.

Newport Beach Partial Day Treatment

Women’s rehab in Newport Beach does not end with the first three phases. After completing the inpatient program, women can start a partial hospitalization. The guest can live elsewhere and visit the clinic for a few hours every day, 3 to 5 times a week. Participants in the program can benefit from a variety of resources to help them succeed.

  • Social Support
  • Medical care
  • The Right to Therapy
  • Conducive environment
  • Professional Help

Participants will also receive any of the following treatments:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

Newport Beach Outpatient Treatment

Some women may not require the residential treatment offered by the facility. A women’s program for outpatient treatment may be more suitable for them if they have a milder addiction. This option may offer more flexibility to a patient, but they must be equally committed as they will have to attend multiple hours of therapy per week.

Ideal candidates are those who live locally and want to find addiction treatment in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach Sober Living

Not everyone is ready to return to their normal life after receiving inpatient care. Women’s sober-living programs may be the best option for those patients. Sober living is a great alternative to residential treatment where patients are not allowed to leave. They are encouraged to attend school or get a job, while still maintaining the structure of the program. This program is best described as the bridge between sobriety and recovery.

Newport Beach Aftercare Treatment

All patients should understand that their addiction will be with them for the rest of their lives. After leaving the Newport Beach drug rehab center, they will need to continue working at their sobriety. New Directions provides aftercare to women embarking on this journey. After completing intensive programs, women are encouraged to return to the clinic and talk to a counselor at least once per week to help them stay on track.



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