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What are the causes of joint pain in kids?

All of the body Movements we perform are with the help of muscles and joints but as an adults macules and joints are very strong and very hard but in children who are growing and their body is weak they may developed muscle and joint pain in their childhood which will cost them their future so in children underlying serious pain in their joint and muscle pain need emergency treatment which will helps them to make their life better and easy but there are now a days due to the absence of nutritious food and fertilize crops the proper amount nutrients become absent from food therefore we cannot easily recover our health if muscle and joints and this become dangerous to that level that our children under teen ages are developing this serious joint and muscles pain there are many other causes of pain but the absence of cleanliness and polluted water the Se diseases are common nowadays

What are the causes of joint pain in kids?

There are many causes of joint pain in kids which lead to further chronic skeletal pain. The most common causes of joint pain. In children are following:

  • Leukemia
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Growing pain
  • Lupus

These are above causes are the common causes of joint pains among kids There are many children which get the disease of First we’re going to talk about growing pains growing pains are very common next in children so the pain in joints and muscle

Growth pain

Growing pains mostly occurs when the children going to sleep or evening time they are not harmful as much but can be very painful growing pains mostly a occurs between the age of 12 the pains are very chronic can be very irritating so there is a great evidence that growth causes pain because growth pains are mostly occurs due to increase in bones when children’s are their youngest age their growth hormone rises at peak and a big increase in growth hormone makes their bones and muscles grow faster after that when their muscles and bones are not enough with you so there will be a great amount of pressure on their joints when their joints are too much stressed out due to increase of bones the growth pain.

it is not common in those children’s who have flexible joints growth pain only happens in those children’s who have joints which are not very flexible and weak so


There are a lot of symptoms we can discuss about growth pains the very first symptom is growth pain is only happens at evening or night so this second one is the pain the pain occurs mostly in the region of legs and have bad effects on the muscle also.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

The second major cause of joint and muscle pain in kids is juvenile idiopathic arthritis if your child is very frequently has joint pains so this may be a cause of (JIA) yeah it is latest discover disease which implements the immune system and attacks the healthy tissue which further leads to inflammation in bones and muscles including joints there are many doctors who provide us latest research on JIA there are many factors which are involved your children to be developed JIA like genetic factors and a virus or a bacteria and it’s in your blood stream

Symptoms Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

There are many different symptoms of JIA along pain swelling many stiffness and joint pains only at a single point in your body redness of muscles fatigue diarrhea ashes on your skin lower your appetite add high fever you children is diagnosed with a so the doctor will check if the disease is from more than six weeks or not so if the disease is more than six weeks pregnant in his joints hand in flame his tissues of muscles don’t so he further give many medications which helps your children to reduce pain and helps to cope with joint pain also there are many diagnosis which your doctors can perform if these conditions will remain for more than a month then it leads to fact the bone growth and many other serious complications which can be very dangerous


the second one is lupus this is also cause of joint and muscle pain in kids lupus is a disease of immune system that can affect almost each organ of your body lupus is nowadays not so common disease but yet there is a probability go to 3% children’s likely to develop lupus in their lifespan so there lupus is mostly common in teenage years and the probability of lupus in both genders

Symptoms of Lupus

But more in females there are many symptoms of lupus like add rash on the nose and rashes appears on the body after when your body exposes the sun also many symptoms including like pain swelling ever hear loss and inflammation in mouth and stomach sometimes the most dangerous symptom face due to lupus is a stroke lupus is very long term condition and its symptoms increase or decrease day by day if you take your medication properly and your painkillers so you can lowers the intensity of its symptoms but the pain remains if you are lucky enough to diagnose this condition at early stages the patient become improves very quickly as compared to the persons who are facing lupus for a long time.

Other causes and preventions of Pain in joints in kids

there are many other health conditions which are responsible for the joint and muscle pain in kids some of them are following first one is the deficiency of vitamin D as you know that vitamin D is most beneficial for the bones of human body which gives them healthy also the second one is calcium if your  calcium profile is less and lacks calcium in his body that definitely he will be facing some issues like join mainly pins and albums so please make sure that the nutrition and the vitamins profile of your child is properly maintain add growing in children need your diet and good nutritious food but if any of the vitamin and protein lacks from their body definitely the face issues like joint and knee pain.


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    What are the causes of joint pain in kids?