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ADHD individuals show pattern of behavior, which affects their social and academic life. An individual may be affected by comorbidities due sedentary life in a debilitating disorder. A medical condition may be due to a genetic history of structural differences in the brain. Small scenarios infuriate the ADHD person. They remain confused during their daily dealings. They got distracted while working. Their school life is affected by their symptoms. They cannot pay attention to their mentor’s instructions and cannot complete their tasks on time. They are not able to manage their time successfully.

Prevalence of ADHD:

The prevalence, ranging from 2.2% to 17.8% has been reported with great variations among different studies related to ADHD. In Russia and Britain, the prevalence of ADHD was found to be (1.3% and 1.4%, respectively). Boys are more prone to ADHD than girls are.


There are many natural remedies for ADHD, which have proven results. However, you must seek your clinician’s advice before following them. The following are the remedies for ADHD:


Balanced diet:

Individuals with ADHD should consume a balanced diet. A balanced diet must contain vegetables, fruits, and meat. They should consume proper portions of macronutrients as well. They should avoid such a diet, which makes them obese. They should avoid sugary products and processed foods.


Individuals must consume a diet full of antioxidants. Individuals with ADHD have high oxidative stress so to eliminate the effects antioxidants are of much importance. They also increase the efficacy of medicine by canceling oxidative stress and by the progression of neurotransmitters. They help to protect brain cells. Food full of vitamins C and E supports healthy cognitive function. The food that works, as antioxidants are blueberries, spinach, dark chocolate, green tea, tomatoes, herbs, etc.


A person may consume fatty fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts in their diet. Omega-3 promotes proper brain development in children. They help to function better in cognitive behavior. It is the main component of the brain membrane. They help to balance neurotransmitters, which are important for mood regulation. They help for proper dopamine function, which is important for attention in children. They also help to reduce inflammations in the body, which further induce comorbidities.

Diet with zinc and magnesium:

As we, all know zinc promotes the growth and development of body and neural cells. This growth helps an individual with ADHD to combat their symptoms better. Magnesium helps to avoid the over-functioning of neural components.

2.         EXERCISE:

Exercise plays a positive role in the improvement of ADH symptoms. Longer exercise periods have beautiful effects on individuals with ADHD. The following exercise can be done with the advice of your specialist.

Aerobic exercises:

These exercises help ADHD persons to reduce stress due to their continuous failures. It boosts the energy reservoirs in the ADHD persons. They help to improve the release of neurotransmitters e.g. dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Aerobic exercise increase focus and maintain hyperactivity in such peoples. Aerobic workouts enhance the sleep cycle of such individuals. The following exercises can be done with the consultation of a physiotherapist:


Running helps to shed your calories and prevent obesity. As we, all know such individuals have higher risks of obesity due to their sedentary lifestyle. They are also important to help individuals to focus better.


Swimming helps the body improve blood circulation, which promotes the healing and functioning of internal organs. Swimming is the collective exercise of the overall body.


One of the risks of ADHD is cardiovascular disease. Cycling enhances heart function. It helps regulate the circulatory system. It also helps such a person to build a healthy muscle tone. They help individuals to control their nerves.

2.         Resistance training:

Resistance training helps individuals improve self-esteem.  They help to reduce anxiety and depression in individuals with ADHD. They help individuals to improve their executive functions. They also help people to socially interact with each other.

3.         Tai chi:

Tai chi improves coordination problems in such individuals. It supports both mental and physical well-being. Meditation helps such individuals to manage stress and anxiety. Tai chi has a low impact on heart health as well. They help to increase overall strength in such individuals.

4.         Taekwondo:

Taekwondo is a sport, which requires a concentration plan. This game builds discipline in such individuals as they lack this due to the course of disease. It also improves a person’s emotional health. They also help these people to better interact with each other.


Gingko Bilbo:

It helps the children with proper brain electrical activity. It has effective results on cognitive function. It helps such individuals to improve their memory.


Ginseng helps ADHD persons to focus successfully on their academics and professional matters. It has a low impact to deal with fatigue. However, increased research is required to find the effects of ginseng on ADHD individual health.

Maritime pine bark extracts:

It is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants remove free radicals from the body. Again, the need for this extract requires strong evidence with research.

Precaution while using herbal medicine:

We should use such constituents by consulting qualified herbalists. However, solely dependent on herbal medicine still requires strong and much research. Pharmacological medicine should not be avoided in the treatment.

Other Natural Remedies:


Many physical therapists suggest acupuncture for better energy flow. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. AHDH patients have difficulty regulating their circadian cycles. Therefore, this type of Chinese medical practice helps them to sleep better. However, this suggestion requires more research to find its effectiveness.

In conclusion, natural remedies have an impact on controlling symptoms of this neurodevelopmental disorder. Nevertheless, we should not only depend on them. Healthcare requires several research to prove the effect of natural remedies. However, pharmacological medicine has 100% efficiency in treating this. We can use natural remedies in conjunction with medical prescriptions for better performance. Do not diagnose your symptoms on your own. Differential diagnosis is required for better diagnosis, which can only be done by a specialist. Always consult with your specialist while using certain substances, as they know their side effects. More research should be conducted to open the doors of prosperity in medical sciences in treating ADHD.


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