ADHD and Dopamine

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ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is the most common disease nowadays and Many people are suffering from this disease especially children under the age of 18 are dealing with ADHD. The main problem symptoms if ADHD included loss of attention and focus. The persons who are suffering from ADHD will lose their attention span and their ability of thinking triggered badly so there are many things which helps with ADHD. ADHD is very popular disease and many treatments are now discovered for ADHD so scientists today are curious to find the causes of ADHD and some causes they already find which are proven causes that causes ADHD in a person the most common cause of ADHD is generic and the other one which is the most likely cause of ADHD is dopamine centers depletion due to excess release of dopamine by doing highly stimulating activities like playing video games and songs these two are common but nowadays our young generation is involved in watching highly stimulating activities like porn scientists call Porn a super  stimulus so when a teen agers watch porn or even an adult his brain starts releasing high amount of dopamine which makes him feels high and pleasurable because it triggers reward circulatory of brain so some major causes of ADHD are discussed this is how our youth is  facing this disease a lot.

Does video games are the cause of ADHD?

ADHD is caused by many condition like genetic disorders and after the genetic causes the other biggest cause of ADHD is doing high dopaminergic activities which makes your dopamine centers to release lot of dopamine. Dopamine is neurotransmitter which is responsible for the dive motivation behind any task so when we release our dopamine theory High stimulating unnatural activities our brain at the end runs out of dopamine which further makes it difficult for you to okay attention on your tasks. Video game is one of the major cause of high dopamine release from the brain even at a very dangerous level because there are five centers of dopamine present in our brain and all responsible For the release of dopamine when we play video games the modern vide games are based on ultra-level of graphics which leads a person to imaginary virtual world and trigger their dopamine receptors to a very high levels.

That’s why video games are such bad and can directly cause ADHD because when at the end our all attention and focus are consumed by these videos that’s why the person who are playing video games find difficulty in doing his work and may develop ADHD. Video games itself very addictive activity and if a person is addicted to video games the he will likely develop more chances to get ADHD.

What is the connection of dopamine with ADHD and video games?

There are not particular level for anyone to do gamming but there are many standards which are made for a healthy gaming module but one thing you need to note is that everything that makes you feel enjoyable cause the release of dopamine in brain which further makes a person happy for a moment same as with videogames when you play a video game at every click or pressing a button you will feel very good because the actions that are happening in game your brains thinks that you are doing that that’s why you feel what you do in video games so videos games can be addictive to a dangerous level that’s why many doctors tell their ADHD patients not to play video games because whenever you play video games it takes all your attention and brain power and left you depleted from dopamine with a poor focus and mid so make sure you totally avoid the video games if you are addicted to this and diagnosed with ADHD because ADHD is further more triggered and worsen by playing video games. Video games are very popular nowadays and many big companies are investing on real life video games to gather most of youth public.

What are the time limits for Video games to avoid ADHD?

There are no specific time limits fir health gamming which specially makes you safer to get developed ADHD but the standard for gaming is 2 hours a day for kids and for adults they can take 3 hours a day to play game are too much video games but if you are playing games more than 2 to 3 hours a day the chances to develop ADHD increase by 59% so please take care your game time and do it according to standard times. ADHD is a very dangerous disease which makes a person life miserable and many of our college students are now playing video games more than 6 hours a day and get addicted to it that’s why there is a huge spike in the ratio of ADHD because the only things which causes ADHD is video stimulation escaping from reality because these activities makes the release of dopamine high level which makes your focus detached from body and you don’t feel enough motivated after highly dopaminergic activities of playing video games.

There are many ways by which you can easily reverse the side effects of too much gamming to make yourself safe from ADHD. The very first is stop playing games more than 2 hours and slowly cut down excessive hours of playing video games because if you play games for more than 2 hours a day you are over your normal limits to play games the second one is to distract yourself from games if you are addicted to video games it is impossible for you to take your attention away from but here you can apply distract technique’s which helps you further to avoid gamming triggers. You can also you medications to treat ADHD if you have and also to play video games you can use tablets like Adderall to make your focus better with ADHD.


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    ADHD and Dopamine