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Does Adderall Cause Hair Loss? Causes And Treatment

The uncommon but potential side effect of taking Adderall is hair loss—someone on Adderall who knows hair loss or extra negative side effects should refer a surgeon. A doctor might advise reducing the dosage or switching to a different therapy, such as behavior therapy or medication.

Is hair loss from Adderall permanent?

Any hair you lose due to Adderall is frequently not lost forever. Instead, it’s probably shed as a result of increased stress, less sleep, or other pharmaceutical adverse effects. Methylphenidate is the first-choice go-between aimed at attention-deficit hyperactivity illness (ADHD). Alopecia caused by medicine is a typical side effect of several drugs, although alopecia caused by methylphenidate is a rarely described complication.

Does Adderall Affect Hair Growth?

Stimulants like Adderall may make you shed more hair than usual; however, this isn’t typical.

The FDA label for Adderall lists alopecia, a medical word for hair loss, as one of the medication’s possible negative effects.

Additionally, studies have shown a connection between hair shedding and amphetamines, the family of drugs to which the components of Adderall belong. One of the most real medications to treat obsessive-compulsive illness, or ADHD, is Adderall.

It is intended to increase focus and concentration and comprises a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine.

In count to ADHD, narcolepsy, a doze illness that can lead to extreme morning drowsiness, is another state for which Adderall is occasionally set. There are various types of Adderall, including Adderall XR, which has a timed release.

If you have been identified with ADHD, your medic may have set Adderall to help achieve your indications. As an illegal study aid, Adderall may also be known to you.

According to data, around one in eight college students abused Adderall in 2018, and other ADHD drugs like Ritalin are also frequently taken for pre-exam cramming.

 Negative effects of Adderall

Other side effects of Adderall besides hair loss include:

  • Nervousness
  • Body part shaking that is uncontrollable
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Alterations in sex drive or capacity
  • Menstrual cramps that hurt
  • Mouth ache
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Slim down
  • A case study from 2013Additionally Trusted Source listed a few uncommon neuropsychiatric effects of Adderall, including:
  • Mood shifts
  • Aggressive attitudes
  • Increased irritability

Trichotillomania was also registered as a side effect in the smallest one example. The condition known as trichotillomania causes uncontrollable desires to pull out one’s hair.

Adderall’s indirect effects on hair:

The stimulant Adderall has some psychological adverse effects that could alter a person’s behavior patterns and indirectly cause hair loss. They consist of:

Uncontrollable Behaviors

People frequently turn to obsessive behaviors to deal with the anxiety and overstimulation brought on by Adderall use.

Adderall’s Direct Effects on Hair:

Adderall’s components may harm a person’s hair follicles or growth cycles, leading to hair loss. There is, however, little data on the direct effects of Adderall on hair. One of the key bad belongings of Adderall, given to the manufacturer, is hair loss.

Is Adderall Hair Loss Reversible?

Usually, after a person quits using Adderall, any hair loss caused by it will halt. The hair will often regrow within a few months. However, hair loss can occasionally become irreversible. This is frequently the consequence of long-term Adderall usage, so it’s significant to get help correcting absent if you’re feeling an Adderall removal problem.

If you are captivated by Adderall as set, talk to your medic and watch for any vagaries in your hair, such as retreating or extreme flaking.

In addition to making sure you are not suffering any other adverse effects, they can assist you in determining whether the medicine is the source of the hair loss. They might also have suggestions for nutrients and vitamins to prevent hair loss. Moreover, you can obtain a transfer to a skin doctor who emphasizes difficulties with hair loss.

How to Treat Hair Loss

Treatment for Adderall habit Refers your surgeon right away to deliberate altering your amount if you sign hair loss while attractive Adderall. You need to stop using Adderall right once if you are taking it without a prescription. There are many more harmful symptoms connected to Adderall abuse, in addition to hair loss, which is undoubtedly related to using Adderall.

In addition to over-washing your hair, using specific hair products, deficiency in vitamins, and wearing your hair in particular hairstyles are all potential reasons for hair loss unrelated to Adderall. Other drugs, such as birth control, may also impact your hair’s health. Make sure to tell your doctor about every prescription you are currently taking. They are helpful when you decide how to stop losing your hair.

How long does hair grow back after stopping Adderall?

After stopping Adderall use, hair usually grows back within a few months. The distance of time it takes for hair to regrow to its pre-treatment width can spread up to a day. Once more, hair loss from Adderall can occasionally be irreversible. Supplements and vitamins can hasten this process.



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