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Does Wellbutrin Help with Anxiety?

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Doctors prescribe Wellbutrin to the people in order to treat the symptoms of depression. The drug is also helpful for the people who have decided to quit smoking habit. But you should keep in mind that if you increase the dose of the drug without the permission of your doctor, then you may suffer from anxiety disorder and other side effects as well.


Wellbutrin is a medicine that can be used in some on- and off-label locations. In addition, it could be referred to by the generic name bupropion.

Contrastive ways in which medicine might affect several. Wellbutrin has accordingly occasionally been related to anxiety. But even while it can make some individuals anxious, it can also help certain people with anxiety problems.

Continue reading to find out more about Wellbutrin’s relationship to anxiety as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Wellbutrin?

The FDA has sanctioned the use of bupropion, a taxonomic group counterpart of the brand-name agent Wellbutrin, to treat the signs and symptoms of psychological state and year-round affective upset. It is also allowed for use as an anxiety medicine. On several changes, such as the medication’s effectiveness, side effects, and length of care, your doctor might urge Wellbutrin for anxiety care rather than another nonprescription. To choose the best course of instruction of action for your disease, you must speak with your physician.

Noradrenaline is such a neurotransmitter which produces “fight or flight”signals in the body. It makes us stay focused and alert. Dopamine plays the role in controlling our mood and level of alertness. Wellbutrin is a  noradrenaline and dopamine reuptake inhibitor which  increases the levels of neurotransmitters in our brain, hence it mitigates the symptoms of anxiety.

The medicine is also not advisable for pregnant women. Only physicians can prescribe Wellbutrin.

Does Wellbutrin Help Anxiety?

Wellbutrin can be useful for supplying energy and alleviating symptoms like exhaustion or poor mood if you experience depression and anxiety or experience a lack of motivation as a result of anxiety. Because an increase in norepinephrine can exacerbate symptoms like worry, fear, and nervousness as well as alertness, taking Wellbutrin to treat anxiety carries the potential risk of making these symptoms worse.

How Quickly Does Wellbutrin Help Anxiety?

In direct contrast to selective 5-hydroxytryptamine reuptake substance (SSRI), which might take four to six hebdomas to function, Wellbutrin Begins to work instantly. As was previously said, Wellbutrin is not a suitable medicine for treating anxiety. However, people who suffer from anxiety disorders frequently demonstrate intense worry and fear about daily life situations. Anxiety disorder causes sudden feelings of fear and terror that reach towards panic attacks.Wellbutrin may not help to control these symptoms because it only works to promote alertness, energy, and attentiveness among the people.

Will Wellbutrin Have an Effect on Me the First Day?

Yes, Wellbutrin has rapid effects from the day first you start taking it. Wellbutrin’s side effects are shown to the people on the first day.

Is Wellbutrin Effective for Panic Attacks?

Yes, Wellbutrin might prevent panic attacks,but SSRI adverse effects include reduced sex drive, Therefore, Wellbutrin may be used together with an SSRI.

How Effective Is Wellbutrin for Social Anxiety?

The effectiveness of Wellbutrin to cope with social anxiety depends upon what symptoms and fears one’s anxiety results in. If social anxiety occurs due to irrational thoughts like negative thoughts about others, it may not be very helpful. However, if the anxiety arises due to difficulty in attending social events, then Wellbutrin may help you and motivate you to go.


How Effective Is Wellbutrin for Obtrusive Thoughts?

Wellbutrin is effective in the treatment of  intrusive depression-related or death-related thoughts, the drug may help alleviate these symptoms for some individuals but you need to consult a psychiatrist. Wellbutrin cannot help with intrusive thoughts associated with anxiety because they are mostly the implications of worry and fear; in that case, the drug would be misfit.

You should first discuss your history with a mental health professional or a psychologist.Basically, you need moral support and some counseling sessions that are much helpful for reducing anxiety symptoms.

Wellbutrin Is Used to Treat Anxiety, Why?

Since antidepressant drugs like Wellbutrin mathematically function by ever-changing the magnitude of specific neurochemicals in the brain, like 5-hydroxytryptamine and noradrenaline, they may be explored for anxiety. These bodily substances are crucial in controlling mood and behavior. Bupropion is helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, although it is not always considered as the first-line treatment for anxiety disorder.

Wellbutrin’s methods for treating anxiety are not fully known. To avoid any potential consequences during therapy, you must therefore take the drug carefully. You might also several factors lead people to choose Wellbutrin over other anxiety drugs, including:

  • Inability of other drugs to work
  • Adverse effects of other drugs
  • lWhether other anxiety medicines are tolerable
  • Treatment time

How Long Does Wellbutrin Take to Treat Anxiety?

It can take up to 6 or 8 weeks for antidepressants to fully take effect and start helping with anxiety. Antidepressant effectiveness and the type of anxiety determine how long it takes for treatment to take effect.4 In the first to second week after starting your medicine, bupropion may enhance your sleep, energy, or appetite. This may indicate that the drug is improving your condition. In addition, it may take up to 6 to 8 periods for additional anxiety grounds, like a lack of involvement and ill humor, to lessen.

Bupropion may have negative effects, just like other antidepressants. Anxiety is one of these negative effects. Wellbutrin may result in anxiousness. It may get worse as soon as treatment begins. However, when used with certain disorders and for certain persons, it can be beneficial for alleviating anxiety.

Doses of Wellbutrin help with anxiety?

There isn’t much information on using Wellbutrin to treat anxiety problems, which may seem contradictory given that anxiety is one of the drug’s possible negative effects.

In one earlier pilot project treating patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Trusted Source did discover that bupropion XL was comparable to escitalopram (an SSRI, another type of antidepressant).

This may connote that Wellbutrin might be a second or third-line care for GAD, but bigger, more careful trials are needed to turn out this.

There is some imperviable that bupropion may aid in the care of panic upset. In one case study, a diligent with panic disorder reacted better to bupropion at a dose of 150 mg per twenty-four hours.

Additionally, anecdotal evidence backs the use of In addition to other drugs, bupropion is used to treat panic disorder. To know whether bupropion plants for treating panic upset, withal, more studies are needed, just like the GAD flier survey.

Dosage of Wellbutrin for Anxiety

Depending on  the age and weight of a person, different doses of Wellbutrin are helpful for treating anxiety symptoms. The recommended dosage prescribed for teenagers and older people with anxiety disorder are quite different. Doctors  usually recommend starting a dose at 150 mg once daily up to three times a day according to the condition of a patient. Your doctor may prescribe you a lower dosage to test how well Wellbutrin treats the anxiety symptoms.


Overdose of Wellbutrin: Is It Possible?

Yes, it is true that Wellbutrin overdose results in fatal health problems. Wellbutrin drugs can result in loss of cognitive state, all of which ask for emergency medical attention. Seek emergency medical care immediately in case of overdose. For on-time aid, you can also use the 9-1-1 emergency hotline figure.

The conclusion

Antidepressant drug Wellbutrin has been granted the all-clear to treat the major depressive disorder, year-round affective disorder, and to aid in smoky cessation. In addition, it is used off-label to goody commands like affective disorder upset and ADHD.

Once the body absorbs Wellbutrin, some patients experience anxiety-related symptoms of  agitation or restlessness. In this case, talk to your doctor because these symptoms can be caused by the medicine dosage and it can be managed by changing the dosage pattern.

There are other adverse effects of Wellbutrin besides anxiety, some of which can be very significant.

If your doctor has prescribed Wellbutrin, you should obey his or her instructions properly and report in case of major side effects.

Although Wellbutrin (bupropion) is often recommended for the psychological state, it can also on occasion be used to treat the grounds of anxiety. When combined with counseling, Wellbutrin can be a successful treatment for anxiety. Talk a care strategy with your physician and the rest of your care team before starting Wellbutrin to see if it’s the best course of instruction of action.




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