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Illness Anxiety Disorder and Somatic Symptom Disorder

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Somatic symptom disorder and Illness anxiety disorder are two of the most commonly related mental health disorders in which a person feels terrible and is always worried about his health. Many patients are very conscious of their health when they have this type of Disorder. Both somatic and illness anxiety disorders differ in that the physical symptoms are absent, causing a lot of distress and further illness in these disorders. Physical symptoms are present in one, and in the other, they are not. The following will tell you the difference between somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Somatic Disorder And Illness Anxiety Disorder?

Somatic Symptom Disorder

Somatic symptoms Disorder¬†occurs when a person experiences different physical symptoms, including nausea and pain. Their doctor does not fully explain the exact cause and the disease. It is not proven that due to the use of any substance, their symptoms remain, so that’s where the person also used to have a lot of negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations in his body. These symptoms include fear, anxiety, and depression because these last a lot of time on them. A person’s symptoms interfere with his daily life almost at every step, and he feels difficulty in his life and is going through it.

Illness Anxiety Disorder

Illness anxiety disorder is generally a terrible disorder in which a person is always conscious of his negative thoughts about his health. He thinks he’s going to be ill in a few days, and he has a disease that no one has. And he’s assuming that he has the symptoms of this disease, but in actuality, there is no disease; it is only thoughts. The person is constantly worried about his health and seeks reassurance from the doctor’s medical healthcare professionals, so the person is always like a crazy one; he always does his blood tests to keep checking for disease.

What Is The Difference Between The Treatment And Diagnosis Of Both Disorders?

The treatment of somatic symptom disorder and illness Disorder are generally different and cause a lot of distress. They can also affect the person’s physical and mental health, so the procedures and treatments for the diagnosis of both are different.

Difference Between Diagnosis OF Somatic And Illness Disorder

The causes of somatic symptom disorder are not completely understood, and doctors may think that this is a genetic and biological factor that affects the causes of somatic symptom disorder. Still, as you know, illness anxiety disorder is also not completely understood by doctors. Diagnosis is based on psychological and environmental factors. A person used to think about diseases due to his environment and due to his genetics and family members that are going through a serious disease, so the patient developed patterns of negative thinking about his health in his brain through this environment.

Treatment of Somatic Symptom Disorder

The treatments for somatic symptom disorder include a lot of medications. Sometimes, the treatments include talk therapy because, in somatic symptom disorder, the person always feels negative about his health and his physical issues. Still, most doctors say that he’s having issues with physical health because he always thought about these diseases, and the exact cause of the disease is not known. Hence, many medications are used, which help the patient reduce the number of symptoms and make him feel better.

Treatment Used For Illness Anxiety Disorder

In illness anxiety disorder, the treatment procedures are a little bit similar to somatic symptoms disorder. In this Disorder, psychotherapy, medication, and a combination of both are used, so that’s why medication helps to reduce the amount of anxiety and depression in those patients, and the patient feels good about themselves with psychotherapy. The most commonly used therapy for the treatment of illnesses Anxiety Disorder is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps the patient get rid of these diseases.

How Do You Correctly Judge From Which Disorder You Are Suffering?

If you think that you are going through somatic symptom disorder or illness Anxiety Disorder and want to know the difference between somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety Disorder and also you feel that you are confused about them, then you can use the criteria explained above, and by knowing the requirements you have to order the symptoms of both these are very different.

How To Know If You Have Somatic and Anxiety Disorder?

Somatic symptom disorder only depends on physical symptoms and has no psychological effect; still, in Illness disorder, there are all the psychological aspects of this disease, and the person’s thinking is affected, so you can easily differ in both disorders that you are going through. There are also treatments available for these. In actuality, there is no complete recovery case of these diseases. Still, these are conditions that can be treated by the use of psychotherapy completely so you can change your patterns of thinking and get rid of diseases.


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