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The Cause of Depression Is Probably Not What You Think

Is any of your loved ones suffering from depression, and you want to know what may be its possible cause? Or you are here to educate yourself about depression. In either case, this brief guide will be enough for you.

There are no medically verified causes of depression, but there are several causes or risk factors that may lead you to it. Here, we are going to list the ten most common causes of depression.

Reading this detailed article will teach you about all the common factors and how they cause depression. Familiarizing yourself with these causes will help you diagnose them quickly and take necessary measures to avoid this disease.

Stressful Events

The first cause of depression is stressful events. There may be several dress events like a breakup, the death of a close one, regrets of the past, or any other traumatizing childhood experiences. Dealing with them alone without the help of anyone can also cause depression. Talk to your family and friends and take the necessary measures to prevent this situation.


Personality Traits

The next on the list is personality traits. Having certain personality traits like overthinking, low self-esteem, and self-blaming makes you more vulnerable to depression. People with these traits have a higher chance of depression as compared to others. So if you are one of them, try to overcome them as soon as possible.


Family History

The next cause of depression we are going to check out is your family history. If any of your parents, brother, or sister have a history of depression, then you are at a higher risk of depression. Although you don’t need to face depression if you have a family history of it, your chances of getting infected get higher.

Brain Regions Or Your Moods

Your brain can also be the reason for your depression. Let me tell you how. There are certain areas in the brain where there are some chemicals that control your emotions. Functioning of nerve circuits, nerve cell connections, and growth play a crucial role in depression.

These may also be the reason for your depression. Contact your doctor, do the required tests, diagnose the problem, and start treatment.


Another prevalent cause of depression among women is pregnancy. It also happens due to the physical and hormonal changes and the thoughts of responsibility and raising a child. This type of depression is known as antenatal depression. To avoid it, stay relaxed during your pregnancy, eat healthy, meditate, and talk to your partner about what you’re stressed out about.


Menopause is a women’s illness, which means pausing the menstrual cycle because of lower hormones in your body. Anxiety, mood swings, and sadness are some of the symptoms of Menopause. These are also the triggers for depression, so there is a chance menopause can be the reason for your depression.

Age Or Gender

The following factors may play a role in causing you depression: age and gender. People with old age have higher chances of depression, especially if you don’t have any social activities or you are living alone. Similarly, your gender also plays a role in your depression. Usually, women have double the chances of depression as compared to men.

Alcohol Or Drugs Overuse

Although the use of recreational drugs or alcohol can make you feel better at the time, it increases your problems. According to research, around 30% of people who are subject to substance misuse suffer from depression. It is usually more severe than temporary depression and is also known as clinical depression.

Long Term Illness

The next cause of depression we are going to see is suffering from any severe or long-term illness like cancer, etc. When you are in your bed getting treatment for a long time, or you have thoughts about your death, you get stressed and worried. This stress can also lead to depression. E.g., a severe head injury may cause behavioral or emotional problems leading to depression.



The last but not the least cause of depression can be loneliness. Staying cut off from your friends, family, or social circle for more extended periods can stress you out and cause depression. Avoid working or living alone to prevent this condition, and stay in contact with your loved ones.

Final Words

There is no specified medical reason for depression. It is usually caused by intense stress, which can happen to you for several reasons. Take necessary measures to prevent all the triggers that can cause depression.

Depression is a sensitive condition and can change the course of your life. Please share it with your friends or family when you notice any symptoms. In case you are suffering from severe depression, seek immediate medical help. Therapies, antidepressants, and stress-relieving techniques are some of the most effective methods to cure depression.



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    The Cause of Depression Is Probably Not What You Think